What is Starveio

In the hit .io game,, you have got to survive the cold and hunger by crafting items! Collect the foremost resources you'll so as to resist the cold of the night by crafting a fire, feed yourself and build your garden by planting seeds. Craft blade, attack different players or favor to live together! - however long are you able to survive? may be a multiplayer .io game regarding survival. you would like to survive the cold and hunger by crafting totally different things. begin by touching trees to collect wood, then craft a wood pickax to collect stones. Gather enough wood and stones to be ready to build a fire to forestall cold within the night. Don't forget to collect berries or looking animals to satiate your hunger. use caution of different hostile players which may kill you! explore the map to grasp the situation of the resources. are you able to survive the cruel cold night and the other threats? sensible luck during this new .io game!

How to play Starveio

The game has several similarities to Minecraft and uses many similar game mechanisms. The crafting prospects are endless - try totally different combos of materials to examine what things are often created. build totally different tools in order that complicated processes like mining are often undertaken. Aside from crafting, gathering food is vital. Players will fertiliser like wheat and melons and grow their own food provide. or else, players will hunt wild animals and kill them like cows, deer, and sheep. The meat are often deep-fried victimisation hearth and devoured to fill up health.

Play Starveio

Unblocked Starveio

Always use the mini map to seem at the land and realize necessary spots. Also, take care to hunt shelter throughout the night. totally different monsters take off in the dark and can attack players. while not visible light (such as torches), or weapons, players are defenceless. Remember that if a player dies, they're going to lose all of their progress, materials, and things and have to be compelled to begin again! use caution during this dangerous world and do what you'll to survive.